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Who We Are

Maintaining the standards of dental care, Oval Dental Clinic, in Dubai, serves high end level of expertise and service in a calming professional atmosphere with modern technology in dentistry.

From children to adults, all age groups and families are facilitated by highly trained doctors that assure maximum dental protection.


Holistic Dental Solution

Oval Dental Clinic serves a various range of services when it comes to your dental health care. From daily routine check-ups, to cosmetic surgery and from complicated surgeries to gums treatment, all can be treated at one place.

Patient Centric

Our aim is to let our patients have a positive experience with maximum protection and standard of dental care we provide. Thus, we encourage in building good relationships with our patients.

Ensure Dental Hygiene

We aim at providing quality oral healthcare and for this our team of dentists, nurses and allied staff are well trained who make sure that the disinfection techniques are applied for all instruments.

Innovative Dental Procedures

Oval Dental care is highly equipped with modern technology in dentistry. Our goal is to provide specialized dental care services with modern dental methods combined with latest technologies.

Experts on board

We have a team of well experienced, trained and skilled doctors who are working proficiently and provide comprehensive dental solutions to our patients.

In house Dental Labratory

Our exclusive in-house dental laboratory provides the very best in dental technology and artistry. As one of the selected few in-house dental labs in Dubai, we can offer our patients a full range of dental services with the highest quality. We are able to meticulously supervise the progress of the case as it flows through the laboratory process, unlike, other clinics that outsource their dental lab work to a commercial dental laboratory. We have complete control over the techniques, the materials and quality. The combination of leading technology and our very talented technicians assures that the results you receive will exceed your expectations.


Our Doctor


Dr. Munther Al Herani

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. MUNTHER AL HERANI is among the youngest, most accomplished and one the highest regarded dentist in Dubai and abroad. Providing a PHENOMENAL NATURAL SMILE in professional and expert ways is one of his priorities .  Handwork and being an artist are  Dr. Munther’s way  to achieve natural  dental aesthetic  facet in the world of dentistry . Dr Munther Alherani has been practicing professional dentistry in Michigan, U.S.A, Ministry of Health in Jordan and Dubai, UAE. He graduated from one of the oldest and most renowned private academic institutions in Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Munther enhanced his education, skills, and expertise in Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental Implants by attending extensive courses on Orthodontics at European University College of Dubai in 2014. He became a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2015.


Dr. Ahmad Abu Albandourah

Cosmetic Dentist / Implantologist

DR. AHMAD ABUAL BANDOURAH has been practicing dentistry over 11 years and held management positions here in Dubai and in Jordan. In his early professional experience, he managed and worked in one prestigious clinic in Jordan for 5 years as cosmetic dentist and Implantologist. Dr. Ahmad started to practice in the UAE five years ago and started Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Surgery. Graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology in the year 2007.

He specialized in Implant Surgery from Toronto University, Dubai. A member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dubai in 2015. Dr. Ahmad is an expert in dental cosmetic restorations, natural veneers, well trained in laser (WaterLase, BioLase), implant surgery as well as treating wide range of dental ailments from common to complicated dental procedures for both adults and children. He regularly updates himself in all latest dental procedures by attending conferences and trainings in UAE and abroad. Dr. Ahmad can communicate in ARABIC and ENGLISH fluently.


Dr. Marjan Lajevardi

Dental Surgen / Implantologist

Dr Marjan Lajevardi our multi lingual dentist has been practicing general dentistry since 2013, graduating with honors from Ajman University.

From 2014 to early 2017, she was working privately at Marina Dental Clinic as General Dentist, with a special interest in child care dentistry and surgical dentistry specifically in in the filed of IMPLANTOLOGY.

In 2015 She published her first scientific research paper entitled Journal of Dental Lasers "An in-vivo study on Comparison of Disinfection of Root Canal with Chemical Disinfectants & Disinfectant – Diode Laser- Photodynamic Treatment (PDT) Combined System.

Her current area of expertise includes Cosmetic Restoration, Implant Surgery &Paediatric Dentistry.


Dr. Amit Asudani


A top ranked modern-day Orthodontist, Dr Amit Asudani graduated in 2010 as a dentist with a heavy focus on cosmetic dentistry. After three years of practicing as a general dentist he realized the glaring gap between cosmetic dentistry and traditional cosmetic dentistry. In order to bridge this gap, he diverted his focus on orthodontics thereby intergrating orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry into his practice. Dr Amit is affiliated with Malmo University, Sweden and holder of Specialist Master's degree in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

Dr Amit spends countless hours in continuing to enhance his skills with modern techniques that are gaining popularity in the field of cosmetic dentistry worldwide. Therefore, it was no surprise that in October 2018 Dr Amit was awarded as a platinum invisalign provider in recognition of advancing in the field of orthodontics.


Dr. Hanin Ahmed 

General Dentist / Implantologist

Dr Hanin completed her Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2011, along with a Diploma in Oral Implantology  from university of Seville-Spain. she also attended and participated in various Cosmetic Dentistry workshops. A highly qualified dentist, with vast experience working for dental surgeries. She is immensely skilled and has specialised in new treatments that are at the cutting edge of dentistry and always keeping up to date with the latest research journals and new technical methods. Therefore constantly providing her clients with the best treatments available

Dr Hanin has attended many continuing education courses through her  involvement with professional organisations. She also volunteered and attended various Cosmetic Dentistry workshops and lectures.


Dr Shahira Khlif

General Dentist / Endodontist

Dr Shahira completed her bachelor's degree in dentistry and surgery in 2010, and her masters degree in Endodontic in 2013. Her experience includes the treatment of minor and complex root canal treatments, be it on kids or adults, Dr Shahira knows how to get to the root of every dental problem.


Dr. Hadeel Hamed

General Dentist

Dr Hadeel completed her Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2014, and started practicing as general Dentist in both Abudhabi and dubai. She earned her Diploma in advanced aesthetics dentistry from university of Genoa-Italy in 2017-2018. She became a member in the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry in 2016 . She’s experienced in dealing with complicated cases as she’s updating her knowledge through attending various courses in all fields of dentistry. Her area of expertise is mainly cosmetics.


Dr. Yasmeen Ghaith

General Dentist

Dr. Yasmine completed her 'Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)' degree in 2017 from Ajman University, and has been practicing as general dentist since then, treating all types of dental problems. She enhanced her skills in the field of cosmetic and laser Dentistry by participation in continuous courses and workshops in both fields keeping herself up to date with the latest research and technical methods to provide the best treatment for her patients. She has vast experience in the field of Laser Dentistry as she's continuing her studies by the most valuable Dental Laser Associations.

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