June 22, 2021 ovalclinic

Discover Why Patients Trust Their Smiles To Oval Dental Clinic

There are a lot of dentists out there. That’s just one reason why we work so hard to provide excellent dental care and build patient trust, at Oval Dental Clinic in Dubai .

We may provide the dentistry, but it’s not about us, it’s about you. From the dentist to the hygienist to the folks at the front desk, we make it a point to address your needs and concerns.

When you’re settled into the chair in our examination room, communication is key. We’ll explain everything that is going on: during an appointment, and with any necessary procedures.

Dentistry can be a little jargony, and if an explanation of a diagnosis isn’t clear, we encourage you to ask questions. We always want you to be aware of the time and the costs that are involved.

We always see each patient as an individual. We’ve heard about other practices that rush patients through their office, like a car through a car wash. No one wants to be treated like that! To us you’re a person, not just another set of teeth.

At Oval Dental Clinic in Dubai, we want you to leave our clinic with a smile on your face – a beautiful, healthy smile! Earning your trust is critical to our success.

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