Gum tissue grafting - your solution to gum disease

Stop receding gums with gum tissue grafting

At Oval Dental Clinic, we understand the significance of healthy gums in maintaining oral well-being and a confident smile. Our gum tissue grafting introduces you to advanced solutions beyond conventional dentistry. 

From gingival graft surgery to targeted gum graft treatment, we specialise in addressing concerns such as gum recession with precision and care. Explore our comprehensive services, including gum tissue graft surgery, as we strive to provide the best treatment for gum recession in Dubai. Trust our expertise to combat gum disease, offering tailored solutions like gum surgery for receding gums.

Join us on a journey to revive the health and aesthetics of your gums, ensuring a confident and radiant smile.

Key features of gum tissue grafting in Dubai

Gingival graft surgery

This procedure strategically places grafts to replenish receded areas, enhancing your gums’ function and aesthetics. State-of-the-art methods provide innovative solutions beyond conventional approaches, ensuring optimal outcomes for gum recession treatment.

Comprehensive gum graft treatment

Tailored to address the multifaceted nature of gum recession issues, this treatment involves evaluating the extent of the recession and choosing the most suitable grafting technique. Benefit from various personalised treatments to restore your gums’ health and natural contours. 

Targeted gum tissue graft surgery

Whether dealing with localised gum recession or seeking targeted treatment, this approach ensures that every aspect of your gum health is addressed. The procedure employs specialised techniques to graft tissue accurately, resulting in a harmonious and natural appearance. 

Effective gum recession treatment

The procedure goes beyond surface-level solutions, addressing the root causes of gum recession. Proven methods and techniques ensure a lasting and aesthetically pleasing result. 

Benefits of gum tissue grafting at our dental centre

Why choose Oval Dental Clinic for gum tissue grafting in Dubai?

  • Expertise in gingival graft surgery
    Choose Oval Dental Clinic for gum tissue grafting to benefit from our advanced gingival graft surgery expertise. Our skilled professionals employ cutting-edge techniques for effective gum recession treatment.
  • Comprehensive gum graft treatment
    Trust our clinic for comprehensive gum graft treatment, addressing various aspects of receding gums. We provide personalised care, evaluating each patient's condition to determine the most suitable grafting approach.
  • Specialised gum tissue graft surgery
    Opt for our clinic's specialised gum tissue graft surgery, ensuring a targeted and precise restoration of your gum health. We focus on addressing specific areas of recession with specialised techniques for optimal results.
  • Effective gum recession solutions
    Select Oval Dental Clinic for gum tissue grafting and benefit from effective solutions for gum recession. Our approach prioritises oral health and aesthetics, offering lasting results for a healthier and more appealing smile.
  • Innovative treatment methods
    Experience gum tissue grafting at Oval Dental Clinic, where we utilise innovative treatment methods to address gum recession. Our commitment is to provide advanced and effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Gum tissue grafting procedure details

Gum tissue grafting, or gingival graft surgery, is a specialised dental procedure designed to address issues related to gum recession. This comprehensive treatment aims to restore the health and aesthetics of the gums by replenishing lost tissue and improving the overall gum line.

Consultation and evaluation

The process begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation by our experienced dental professionals. This step involves assessing the extent of gum recession, determining the suitable grafting technique, and discussing personalised treatment plans.

Graft harvesting

The next step involves harvesting graft tissue, which can be obtained from various sources, including the patient’s palate or specialised grafting materials. The choice of grafting material depends on the individual’s needs and the extent of gum recession.

Graft placement

Precision is key during the graft placement phase. The harvested tissue is strategically positioned to cover and augment the receded areas, restoring a natural and harmonious gum line. Our advanced techniques ensure accurate placement for optimal results.

Suturing and healing

Once the graft is in place, the surgical site is carefully sutured to secure the tissue. The body is then given time to initiate the natural healing process. Patients receive post-operative care instructions to promote proper healing and minimise discomfort.

Duration and recovery

The duration of the gum tissue grafting procedure may vary based on the complexity of the case and the chosen grafting technique. Recovery typically involves a healing period of a few weeks, during which patients are advised to follow post-operative care guidelines, including dietary restrictions and oral hygiene practices.

Oval Dental Clinic prioritises using innovative treatment methods and materials in gum tissue grafting. Our commitment extends beyond the procedure, encompassing a holistic approach to oral health. Patients benefit from a range of additional services, including consultations on the types of veneers that may complement their newly restored gum line.

Gum tissue grafting at Oval Dental Clinic ensures a comprehensive and effective solution for gum recession, combining advanced techniques with personalised care to achieve optimal health and aesthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need gum tissue grafting?

Gum recession can result from various factors, including periodontal disease, aggressive brushing, genetics, or ageing. Gum tissue grafting is recommended to address receding gums by restoring lost tissue and preventing further complications.

Will I experience pain during or after the procedure?

The gum tissue graft is performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring patients are comfortable throughout. Some post-operative discomfort is normal, but our team provides guidance on managing pain and discomfort during recovery.

What is the expected downtime after gum tissue grafting?

Recovery times may vary, but patients typically experience swelling and discomfort for a few days. Most individuals can resume normal activities within a week, but it’s essential to follow post-operative care instructions provided by our dental professionals for optimal healing.

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