Dr. Shahira Khlif

General Dentist / Endodontist

Dr. Shahira Khlif is one of the most promising Endodontists in the UAE.
She Started practicing dentistry since 2010 as a GP Dentist and Endodontist in the world of Dentistry.

Dr. Shahira finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry and Surgery in a renowned University in Syria in 2010 and completed her Master’s Degree in Endodontic in 2013. She became a member of the British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry. In the beginning of her career, she started to practice dentistry in her own private clinic and later became an instructor in one of the Universities in Syria for 4 years.

Her special training and experiences made her an expert in treating complicated root canal infections such as narrow and blocked canals, retreatment for infected tooth and infections on unusual tooth anatomy. She is considered by her colleagues and her patients as a gentle expert endodontist for rendering the best possible dental care by treating dental trauma with less pain and with a high level of comfort during the procedure.

Dr. Shahira updates her knowledge by attending consistently conferences and trainings.


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