Dental caries (Cavities)

Dental caries is caused by bacteria attached to your teeth through a thin layer called plaque. With time and specific environments, these bacteria damage the teeth layer by layer forming cavities. Cavities can reach different depths within the teeth and damage different amounts of tooth structure. If these cavities were not treated and ignored, they will eventually reach the dental pulp and will cause severe pain, discomfort, and maybe swelling.

The most common treatment of cavities is fillings. The procedure begins with drilling the tooth to clean the cavity from all the bacteria, then the filling would be placed in the cavity.

The fillings used in Oval Dental Clinic are composite fillings, which are strong enough and have a good appearance because they are tooth-colored. If the tooth damage was too large and the remaining tooth structure was not strong enough to hold a normal filling, ceramic inlays and Onlays are used, which are much stronger and provide better tooth support.


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