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Upgrade your smile with a gingivectomy

Welcome to Oval Dental Clinic, where we redefine smiles through precision and expertise. Our gingivectomy introduces you to advanced solutions for gummy smile treatment, correction, and surgery in Dubai. We understand the impact of a gummy smile on confidence and aesthetics, and our specialised treatments are designed to address these concerns with finesse. Explore the artistry of gummy smile laser treatment and discover the transformative effects of gingivectomy, especially when complemented with braces. 

At Oval Dental Clinic, we combine innovation and experience to offer unparalleled gingivectomy treatment options. Say goodbye to self-conscious smiles and embrace the confidence that comes with a beautifully balanced gum line.

Key features of gingivectomy (gummy smile treatment) in Dubai

Gummy smile treatment

Gingivectomy is a key solution for gummy smile correction, helping to achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing gum line.

Precision with laser technology

Gummy smile laser treatment provides a precise and minimally invasive approach, ensuring accuracy in reshaping the gum tissue.

Versatile gummy smile correction

Gingivectomy is a versatile procedure that can be tailored to address various degrees of gummy smiles, offering flexibility in treatment.

Customisation with braces

Complementing gingivectomy with braces allows for a comprehensive approach to gummy smile treatment, ensuring optimal results.

Enhancing facial harmony

Gingivectomy aims to enhance facial harmony by creating a harmonious balance between the teeth and gums, achieving a natural and confident smile.

Surgical expertise

Gingivectomy surgery requires surgical expertise, and our practitioners are skilled in performing this procedure with precision and care.

Specialised gummy smile treatment in Dubai

Oval Dental Clinic offers specialised gingivectomy treatments in Dubai, catering to individuals seeking gummy smile correction with the latest advancements.

Personalised treatment plans

Each gingivectomy treatment is personalised, ensuring that the procedure is adapted to meet the unique needs and expectations of the patient.

Artful gummy smile correction

The artistry of gingivectomy lies in its ability to delicately reshape the gum line, creating a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Confidence-boosting results

Gingivectomy aims to deliver confidence-boosting results, allowing individuals to smile freely and comfortably after correcting their gummy smile.

Benefits of gingivectomy (gummy smile treatment) at our dental centre

Why choose Oval Dental Clinic for a gingivectomy in Dubai?

  • Expertise in gummy smile treatment
    Benefit from our specialised expertise in gummy smile treatment, ensuring precise and effective gingivectomy procedures.
  • Leading gummy smile correction in Dubai
    Oval Dental Clinic is a leading provider of gummy smile correction in Dubai, offering advanced solutions for gummy smile laser treatment and gingivectomy surgery.
  • State-of-the-art laser technology
    Experience the advantages of state-of-the-art laser technology for gummy smile correction, providing a minimally invasive and highly accurate approach.
  • Comprehensive treatment options
    Choose Oval Dental Clinic for comprehensive gingivectomy treatment options, including personalised plans that may involve braces for optimal results.
  • Surgical precision and skill
    Trust in our practitioners' surgical precision and skill, ensuring that your gingivectomy is performed with the utmost care and expertise.
  • Customised gummy smile solutions
    Benefit from customised gummy smile solutions tailored to address the unique characteristics of your smile and achieve a natural, harmonious result.
  • Patient-centric approach
    Experience a patient-centric approach, where your comfort, expectations, and overall satisfaction are prioritised throughout the gingivectomy process.
  • Proven track record of success
    Oval Dental Clinic boasts a proven track record of success in gummy smile correction, with numerous satisfied patients experiencing transformed smiles.
  • Artful and natural results
    Choose Oval Dental Clinic for artful and natural results in gummy smile correction, ensuring your smile looks harmonious and enhances your overall facial aesthetics.
  • Commitment to confidence-boosting smiles
    Our commitment is to deliver confidence-boosting smiles through expert gingivectomy treatments, helping you achieve the smile you've always desired.

Gingivectomy (gummy smile treatment)’s procedure details

Gingivectomy is a specialised dental procedure designed to address aesthetic concerns related to the gum line, particularly in gummy smile cases. This precise surgical technique focuses on reshaping and contouring the gum tissue to achieve a harmonious balance between the teeth and gums, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Consultation and assessment

The process begins with a thorough consultation where the dental practitioner evaluates the patient’s smile, discussing concerns and expectations about gummy smile correction.

Treatment planning

A personalised treatment plan is crafted considering the extent of the gummy smile and the desired outcome. The plan may involve gummy smile laser treatment or traditional gingivectomy surgery.


Depending on the extent of the procedure, local anaesthesia is administered to ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the gingivectomy.

Tissue reshaping

The dentist reshapes the excess gum tissue with precision and skill, carefully sculpting the gum line to achieve the desired proportions and symmetry.

Laser gingivectomy (optional)

In cases where gummy smile laser treatment is chosen, advanced laser technology is employed for a minimally invasive and highly accurate reshaping of the gum tissue.

Complementary treatments

Gingivectomy can be complemented with other treatments, such as dental veneers or braces, to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious smile transformation.

Duration and recovery

The duration of a gingivectomy procedure varies based on the complexity of the case and the chosen technique. Generally, the procedure can be completed within a single appointment.

Following the gingivectomy:

  • Immediate recovery: Patients can resume normal activities shortly after the procedure, but post-operative care instructions will be provided.
  • Minimal discomfort: Discomfort is minimal and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications as the dentist prescribes.
  • Follow-up appointments: Periodic follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the healing process and make any necessary adjustments.


Each gingivectomy procedure is tailored to the patient’s needs, ensuring a customised approach to achieve natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

Gingivectomy at Oval Dental Clinic is more than a procedure; it’s an artful transformation that aims to instill confidence through beautifully sculpted smiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gingivectomy painful?

Local anaesthesia is administered during the gingivectomy procedure to ensure minimal discomfort. Patients may experience mild soreness, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications as the dentist prescribes.

How long does it take to recover from a gingivectomy?

Recovery time varies but is generally quick. Patients can resume normal activities shortly after the procedure. Some post-operative care instructions will aid in a smooth recovery process.

Can gingivectomy be combined with other cosmetic dental treatments?

Yes, gingivectomy can complement other cosmetic dental treatments, such as dental veneers or braces, for a comprehensive smile transformation. The dentist will discuss personalised treatment plans to address individual aesthetic goals.

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