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Gently Now

(Protect Your Gums When You Brush)

Everyone wishes for pearly white teeth. So it stands to reason that we should brush our teeth more frequently in order to achieve them, right? No, it does not. Brushing too vigorously can cause receding gums.

Gum recession occurs when the gum line exposes more of your teeth, or in severe cases, the tooth root. It creates a space between your teeth and the gum line. Bacteria that cause decay can grow and fester in that pocket. This can lead to serious problems in the future. Even tooth loss is possible.

Longer or more difficult?

A common misconception is that if you want to lighten your teeth, you must scrub them vigorously.

Brushing longer, not harder, is the best way to get whiter teeth. The key, however, is to use a light touch.

Brush your teeth gently until they are squeaky clean. Using your tongue, run it over them. Isn’t that wonderful?



Brushing your teeth too quickly may not remove all of the food particles. You don’t want this debris to become plaque.

Brush your teeth in a slow, circular motion for about five minutes if you truly want whiter teeth. Go over each tooth surface methodically.

Use fluoride-containing whitening toothpaste. That way, you get rid of all the recent gunk and your teeth become a little whiter with each brush. Fluoride aids in the re-hardening of your enamel.

Let’s Take a Look

Brushing too vigorously can cause gum recession. Gum recession can (and most likely will) result in a gap between your teeth and the gum line. Bacteria are collected in this pocket. Cavities are caused by bacteria. Furthermore, as the gums recede, the tooth may become loose.

Brushing for a longer period of time with a light touch is the best approach. Remember to floss!

Don’t be disheartened if your gums have already begun to recede! It is a treatable disease. At Oval Dental Clinic, we provide a full range of general dentistry procedures, but patients from all over know that prevention is always our top priority.

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